Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fireman dresses as Spider-Man to rescue boy.

This guy rocks in my book:

Fireman dresses as Spider-Man to rescue boy - Wonderful World-

OK the really slow return :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. You can save your comments about procrastination, I prefer to think that life has intervened.

Its been crazy the last few weeks. Amaryllis and I are heading to Minnesota next month. We we be gone for two weeks. My mother in law will be watching the kids. It's kind of rough because we are leaving on Gabe's birthday. We'll have to think of something really cool to do for him.

In the meantime, we just keep on trucking. Short post, but hey, at least its something. In the meantime, enjoy this link (Why you shouldn't shoot a high calibre rifle at a piece of steel only 100 yards away):

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The slow return.

Ok... I realize I haven't posted in a long time. Work and home life have been a bit crazy. I suppose I'll get my feet wet again with a couple of Kateisms. Over the last several months Kate has been a font of funny (if only we could find a way to tap that without leaving her psychologically scarred or in rehab by 13). A couple of recent fun ones:

Kate is a Hellboy fan. Don't ask why... some things are better left unsaid. When cute little girls pick up their father's quirks let's just say we are grateful Daddy doesn't chew tobacco. Knowledge of the Hellboy series isn't critical to understanding this anecdote, but it might accentuate the chuckle. Anyhow, Kate was being a little ornery the other day. I asked her, "Is someone being a princess? If you are, I might just have to lock you in a tall tower until some handsome prince rescues you." Kate looked at me with the wide eyes and without skipping a beat said...

"Oh, crap."

Another tale:

Kate and I were going shopping with Jonathan, and Jonathan asked me what I was getting his mom for Valentine's day. I had already ordered her I-pod nano so I told him we didn't need to get her anything. Kate got a big smile and said,

"I know what would make mom happy for Valentine's Day.... ...a baby. A baby with a new outfit!"

I had to clarify, "do you mean a baby doll with a new outfit, or a real baby that cries?"

"A real baby that cries."

I told her, "Kate, we're not going to have a new baby because you're the baby, you just grew up."

Kate was emphatic though, "Mommy would love a real baby in a new outfit. A baby that cries."

It was time for Jonathan to pipe up, "You cry." It was on.

"No, I do not!"

"Yes you do!"

I let them go on for just a few seconds more then intervened. Classic.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ok... now there's something you don't see everyday.

I've tried to think of so many different spins on something cute to say here, but it just defies imagination. It is what it is. Here is a link to a man playing Angels We Have Heard on High on an ocarina made of broccoli.

YouTube - Big Broccoli Ocarina:Angels We Have Heard On High

Yeah I know...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If they develop one that impacts Mobwars I'm up a creek.

Just a quick note for friends and family that Facebook. Aparently the leet haxors of the world have decided that you were having too much fun, and that no internet experience is complete without someone trying to steal your credit card info:

BBC - Newsbeat - Technology - Facebook users hit by virus

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It never gets easier :(

We had to say goodbye to some good friends of ours today. They're moving to Grand Junction... new job... their first house. We've known it was coming for a while, and I'm sure everyone has had that surreal moment when you realize that a group of people you hung out with every weekend just pulled out of town and if you're lucky you'll see them once a year.

I was a military brat. I had scores of friends come and go over the years. When you're a military family you learn to make friends quickly, and never take them for granted, because in a year or so they could be anywhere from Korea to Minot, ND. Being a brat I'm not usually a big one on goodbyes. I've made the promises to write, and that we'd meet up stateside somewhere. It's happened with a few friends, but most simply vanished (until they suddenly add me to their Facebook friends list ;) ).

This was the first hard goodbye in a while. Tears and all. Gabe was really stoic until the truck pulled away, then he bawled harder than all of us put together. Just goes to show you, you never know who the sensitive one is.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hopefully she's not the next Sarah SIlverman.

Just a short update for a quick story.

Kate climbed into bed with us Thursday morning, and while she was cuddling and bouncing on her mom she passed gas. Amaryllis was teasing her about it, and made the comment, "That was a real firecracker," to which Kate responded, "More like a buttcracker."

Amaryllis and I laughed hard for a good few minutes...